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Hello and welcome,
The door is open to my tepee, and I’m honored you stopped by. 
In Native American culture and tradition, the tepee is not only a physical dwelling, it is also an honored place of spiritual significance.
It’s within that cultural context that my book, “Inside the Tepee Looking Up” has been written. 

There's no better analogy to express a human soul, than to see it as a tepee…it can be a much needed shelter in times of our storms…a place of peace in the posture of prayer…a wall of worship when the drumbeat of heaven bounces off the rhythm of our hands and floats freely on the sweet sounds of a flute…and in all these things our soul’s tepee is a familiar earthly foundation of faith, with truth staked poles leading upward into the spirit realm.

My experiences have often followed seemingly dead-end paths and taken turns that turned out to be in the wrong direction…some were by my choices and other times by another's actions. But even in my soul's seasons of dark frigid winters, I found hope and new direction after coming into my tepee and allowing Creator to warm me by the fire of his presence, and show me a better path as I looked up to stargaze the supernatural.

“Inside the Tepee Looking Up” is a collection of writings reflecting struggles and solutions that cross-cultural barriers. We all have or will find ourselves in places that bring pain and perplex us, but there is a steadying and secure source of hope, if we will look up to Creator for our ultimate help.
Your tepee and mine may visually look very different, but they will voice similar struggles and have equal access to the same supernatural answers. This book's writings are about all of us, you and me who make up our universe in this timeline and season. 
We were each created to be divinely directed collaborators with unique personalities and perspectives. Sometimes others will try to manipulate, or mute our differences to dictate who we are, but we should always go back into our tepee and ask the truth of who Creator says we are and seek spiritual guidance and angelic accompaniment for our unique purpose and path.
And there just may be a supernatural light come to overshadow our dark natural circumstances, shifting the atmosphere to birth falling stars landing in our souls carrying hope…restoring trust…and awakening faith. 

My sincere desire is that the words in this book will offer conversations and companionship in your soul’s language as we consider comparable struggles and strengths, both inside and outside the constraints of a common history. 
Our histories may not connect through commonalities, but our futures can become
a shared place of healing.
Shirley Estes aka Whispering Wind