Shirley, I began reading your book in earnest tonight. You are such a deep-feeling, passionate, and unguarded soul.  It is an honor to be nourished by your wisdom.  

Truly an amazing book of inspiration and wisdom. Whispering Wind AKA Shirley Estes has the ability to pull an arrow out of her quiver and it always hits the mark, your heart.

This book became my traveling full of insights and inspiration. It opens the mind to a greater glory as it brings understanding to shedding the old heavy garment and putting on the new garment which has a light burden and is not cumbersome. I haven't even read the entire book yet. I think I have to read every page five times just to be sure I didn't miss anything.

I received this book yesterday. I love how Shirley Estes writes. It is so refreshing and encouraging. I highly encourage you to get this book.

Most of you have heard our homeless story that occurred from April 3, 2016 to June 2017. During that time, Michelle and I were so blessed to have our dear friends Shirley Estes and her husband Jamie continuously in our corner encouraging us and being a voice of hope. They were God’s rainbow and promise during that time in our life.
When Shirley asked me to write a review for her book, I was deeply honored and humbled. I included a photo of one page with her permission. A page that gripped me, spoke hope and healing into my life from bitterness. Her writing, which has always impacted the deeper places of my soul, was once again like a cool breeze to parched areas in the deepest places of my heart.

I highly recommend this book for yourself and another for a friend. You know someone who is wrestling with and has been crippled by pain and suffers with lingering raw wounds in the deepest places of their soul. Consider Shirley’s writing, you won’t be disappointed.
Shirley, thank you, our beautiful friend for your friendship. We treasure it. I pray for your book’s continued success. I know without a doubt that many hearts will be touched and softened by your writing. We love you and thank you for being there in during the darkest time of our lives. You and Jamie are God’s rainbow and a true promise in this world right now.

This is a great book i encourage you to invest in a copy or two, especially if you like Shirley's wisdom in her daily posts.